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Posts From December, 2021

Facial Rejuvenation: Is an InstaLift Enough?

As we reflect on our appearance after a certain age, we cannot help but notice fine lines, wrinkles, and some sagging in certain areas. When these common signs of aging occur, we have three basic choices. We can simply care for our skin with good products and sunscreen, prolong more youthful tissue behaviors with lasers and other collagen-inducing treatments, or we can have plastic surgery. If you fall somewhere in the middle, you may be interested in evaluating whether or not the Silhouette InstaLift procedure would give you the degree of rejuvenation you want. What is a Thread Lift? The term thread lift describes the Silhouette InstaLift process to a T. It is also a term that may cause some people to look for other... continue reading >

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