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Vitamin D Provides Value to Your Health

With statistics indicating an extended lifespan for most people in our country, there is a lot of attention directed at how to live well. Healthy eating, quality sleep, exercise, and supplementation are all facets of long-term vitality. The problem with the critical nutrients that we need is that they are somewhat difficult to get. Agricultural changes, GMOs, and climate change are just a few of the factors that have affected the quality of our foods. Due to the degradation of nutritional quality in produce, many people are turning to supplements to bridge the gap. This may only be a start. Multivitamins are commonly taken for convenience and perceived benefits. While this certainly is better than taking no supplements at all, a general multivitamin may not... continue reading >

How to accelerate healing from labiaplasty surgery and elevate your results

Here are some of the most common concerns that we hear from women who are contemplating surgery of their intimate areas:- Fear of the loss of sensation Inability to visualize their actual results Unknowns regarding the healing process after surgery Fear of itching, pain, and discomfort in a highly sensitive area Infection risks after surgery True facts about labiaplasty healing Everyone heals a little differently, but here are some general facts about the healing process that we can share:- The more areas being surgical treated, the more surgical "trauma" there are to the tissues resulting in longer healing times We all heal differently based on our current state of health The surgical technique used can have a direct influence on healing We can influence the... continue reading >

What are peptides and why is copper so important in healing?

What are peptides? Peptides are normal signaling proteins produced by our own body to perform a particular function. Our bodies normally produce peptides! When we injure ourselves, our body produces peptides to direct the wound healing cells to start the healing process. It informs the cells to produce more collagen, improve blood flow and help with remodeling of the scar, for example. This is the NORMAL healing process. Another example of a peptide is insulin. When the blood sugar level in the body is high, our bodies increase insulin production to lower blood sugar. Important peptides that control healing We have incorporated several peptides into our post-surgical protocol to help accelerate healing. These peptides in combination:- Reduce inflammation and pain Work as antioxidants Stimulate collagen... continue reading >

Female Rejuvenation Scottsdale, AZ

Give Your Love Life the Boost You Desire

That loving feeling. It’s not something we want to lose. If your libido has lost its lusciousness, ladies, there are ways to restore it. Sexual desire has historically been associated with testosterone-filled men of all ages. Rarely was importance placed on the joys that women can obtain from a full, healthy intimate life. Things are changing. Now, women are mastering their own sexuality to enhance their life experience. Bumps on this road may be inevitable and they are definitely frustrating. Also, they are correctable. Sexual health is an important matter for women. It is an important matter to many of our patients, which makes it an area of interest for Dr. Ong. Utilizing functional medicine protocols, nutritional therapies, and innovative procedures, she helps women in... continue reading >

Fat Transfer

What is Fat Grafting and Where Can You Transfer Fat To?

Fat grafting or fat transfer is a procedure that uses fat from one area of a patient's body to add volume and contour to another area. Fat transfer is a three step process: Harvesting- Your surgeon will select a site for fat removal and will inject it with a local anesthetic.  A small incision will be made in the area and fat will be extracted. Purification- Once enough fat is obtained from the donor area, your surgeon will process it to prepare the fat cells for transfer.  A centrifuge is used to filter out impurities before being injected back in. Placement-The area designated to receive the transfer will then be prepared. Your surgeon will insert a needle or cannula into the incision point of the... continue reading >

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