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Posts From May, 2019

Stop Believing These Ideas about Hair Loss

For centuries, humans have been losing their hair. For much of recent history, there has been intense interest in finding out why hair loss happens to some and not to others. In our quest for answers (and solutions), we have come to some fascinating conclusions about the potential causes of hair loss. The thing is, we’ve got to know what is valid and what is a mere theory if we want to address this issue successfully. Here, we point out a few ideas about what causes hair loss that are nothing more than myth. My Mom’s father is balding, so I will go bald, too. It is true that we inherit physical traits from our family. A prevailing theory is that hair color and texture,... continue reading >

Breast Lift Surgery: Will it Last?

The breasts may be a functional aspect of a woman's body but we also know that most women associate breast shape and position with a sense of youthful femininity, too. At Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery, we enjoy helping women feel amazing about their body. We have seen first-hand that, when the breasts are shaped in proportion to the body frame, a woman's sense of confidence and personal satisfaction tend to be generally good. Before surgery, though, most do want to know if the results of their breast lift will last. They can, especially when the factors that cause breasts to sag are understood and managed. Why Breasts Fall Breasts sit nice and high on the chest wall when a woman is young. They don't... continue reading >

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