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Nutritional IV’s Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ

Common Questions about IV Therapy Answered

What exactly is nutritional IV therapy? Nutritional IV therapy is not new. Physicians have been administering vitamins, minerals, and sterilized water using this blood-delivery method for many decades. The use of IV lines to administer nutrients has recently become popular due to the efficiency with which the body can absorb what is needed from the blood compared to what is absorbed when nutrients are consumed orally (100% vs. less than 20%). What is in an IV drip? One of the beneficial aspects of nutritional IV therapy is that it is possible to infuse any number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other substances into the blood. In our Scottsdale center, IV therapy is developed around a person’s individual needs, which as discern through nutritional testing. Some... continue reading >

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