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The New Wave in Female Rejuvenation Surgery

As a woman ages, her breasts tend to lose their youthful shape and perkiness. This can be especially distressing for young women who are just starting out in life as well as older ones who want to look good at any age. Fortunately, there is now a variety of surgical options available to help women regain the appearance they want. What is female rejuvenation? Female rejuvenation is a term used to describe surgical procedures that focus on improving the appearance of a woman’s body rather than treating medical conditions such as gynecomastia or excess skin after weight loss or pregnancy. Because these procedures are typically less invasive than other cosmetic surgery options, they are often used as a first step before moving on to more

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What You Can Do After LabiaSculpt Surgery to Heal Optimally

LabiaSculpt procedures have become more common in recent years as women have discovered the aesthetic, physical, and emotional benefits of this treatment. While we discuss LabiaSculpt surgery as an aesthetic gynecology type of treatment, our patients gain much more than improved satisfaction with their appearance. They also feel more physically comfortable without the tugging, chaffing, and painful sex that they had been living with. And, as a result, their state of mind often improves significantly once they are freed of the burden of oversized labia. As a leading provider in women’s health procedures, Dr. Ong is often asked about LabiaSculpt recovery. Here, we discuss some of the ways that this brief period of swelling and tenderness can be managed. Healing Well after LabiaSculpt surgery Wear

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Vaginal Atrophy: A Very Frustrating Problem that Needs a New Lens

The vast majority of women who journey through menopause, if not every last one, experience multiple frustrating side effects. The interesting thing about perimenopause and menopause is that the discussion around this crucial topic tends to focus on run-of-the-mill problems. Women know to experience hot flashes and night sweats. They may know that their risk of weight gain increases as their hormones change. What they may not realize is that, as they lose estrogen, their risk of anxiety and depression increases. Their sex lives will likely change, as may their bladder control, as may their overall sensations in their most intimate areas.  Historically, the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause have been treated with hormone replacement. The thing is, a woman’s body is naturally meant to

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ThermiVa is a Winner in Our Book. Here’s Why!

Vaginal atrophy and vaginal rejuvenation were not terms that our mothers and grandmothers used or even heard from their doctors. That doesn’t mean they may not have wished for ways to more successfully address their feminine needs. Aging and childbirth have a profound effect on a woman’s overall wellness, especially as it relates to her intimate life. For a long time, there were no solutions to adequately manage the changes that women faced. While doctors eventually developed procedures like LabiaSculpt surgery and vaginoplasty, women wanted more options. Now we have them. In our Scottsdale office, patients view ThermiVa as a winning treatment. What is ThermiVa? ThermiVa is a new kind of vaginal rejuvenation; one that does not involve surgery. This energy-based device has helped millions

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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Where to Begin

If you are a woman who has given birth, gained and lost, and grown older, you know that the body can change in significant and “hidden” ways. As far as we’ve come in the last hundred years, we still aren’t talking about women’s intimate health quite enough. Many of the women who consult with Dr. Ong in our Scottsdale office have spoken with other plastic surgeons. They’ve done online research. They’ve thought a lot about their bodies and how to care for them properly. And still, they feel overwhelmed by the degree of information that is out there. Dr. Ong is committed to educating our patients. Education equals empowerment, and that is a key tenet of feminine rejuvenation. Here, we discuss two of the XX

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The O-Shot can Resolve These 4 Sexual Pleasure Problems

It has only been recently that women are opening up to one another and to their doctors about their frustrations related to sexual wellness. As the conversation has progressed, we’ve seen certain common frustrations get labeled as disorders. We’re going to list them here but also want to state that the term “disorder” does not indicate something wrong with a woman or her sexual capacity; these disorders are nothing more than sexual pleasure problems. More importantly, they are solvable. What are the 4 Sexual Pleasure Problems? Female sexual arousal disorder. Studies show that approximately 5% of women report having difficulty with arousal. One may become aroused but not stay aroused during sexual intercourse. Alternatively, a woman may simply not become aroused enough to feel satisfied

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