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About Us

Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery & Health was created to assist all our clients in developing solution-based results. The underlying purpose and foundation of our practice is rooted in 3 core tenants:

Dr. Cheri Ong founded Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery & Health after she experienced a life changing event herself. This “second chance” at life offered her the opportunity to stop, pause, and refresh on her primary life purpose. Out of this reflection, the concept, idea and subsequent opening of the Ong Institute of Plastic Surgery and Health was born.

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Creating a New Level of Well-Being & Care

She realized that she had a different vision in working with patients compared to a “traditional“ plastic surgery practice. Dr. Ong identifies and focuses on the core principles of care, compassion, comfort and collaboration as principles she uses to work with an individual and other health care providers. The goal of integrating a plastic surgery practice to optimize health is the main purpose of our practice.

Dr. Ong has been an early pioneer in the development of technology, delivering unique results and identifying life changing methods focused on female rejuvenation. Realizing that health is not simply a medical procedure, Ong Institute embraces a full, whole person approach for each individual.

We strive to provide every outcome better than before. Through this outcome, our intent is created in the process of:

  • Making a positive difference in a person’s life
  • Creating a unique value that adds to each individual
  • Crafting the highest level of client experience

Integrative Solutions Through Concierge Level Service

Medical state of the art treatment, coupled with functional health practices and a compassionate listener, serves as a unique guiding pathway, to next steps. All of this is delivered with a high level concierge service to position an individual and their family as the center of focus.

This focused approach to life changing illness, non-medical and medical procedures, reconstruction, and well-being are all integrated into a forward looking health plan beyond surgery.

Dr. Ong is dedicated to active listening, a focused approach to solutions, exceeding her patient’s expectations and providing the highest safety standards.

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