The Ong Institute is a place where genuine, empathetic care is our highest mission. We deliver life-changing transformations and pledge to fulfill an unparalleled experience. We understand it is a privilege to be trusted with one’s health. The Ong Institute Experience delivers the highest level of concierge service, with honor and integrity.

Dr. Cheri Ong founded Ong Institute after she experienced a life changing event herself. This “second chance” at life offered her the opportunity to stop, pause, and refresh on her primary life purpose. Out of this reflection, the concept, idea, and subsequent opening of the Ong Institute was born.



She realized that she had a different vision in working with patients compared to a “traditional“ plastic surgery practice. Dr. Ong identifies and focuses on the core principles of care, compassion, comfort and collaboration as principles she uses to work with an individual and other health care providers. The goal of integrating a plastic surgery practice to optimize health is the main purpose of our practice.

Dr. Ong has been an early pioneer in the development of technology, delivering unique results and identifying life changing methods focused on vaginal rejuvenation. Realizing that health is not simply a medical procedure, Ong Institute embraces a full, whole person approach for each individual.

We strive to provide every outcome better than before. Through this outcome, our intent is created in the process of:

  • Making a positive difference in a person’s life
  • Creating a unique value that adds to each individual
  • Crafting the highest level of client experience


What people say about us!

“The best advice I can give: It pays to do your research.

I spent over a year to find the right surgeon for me, based on my unique health issues. Immune issues brought me to a place in my early 20s, way back in the early 80s, where I was advised to have a subcutaneous mastectomy. Many diseases can be blamed on the immune system, if not all, and mine did not end with that drastic surgery in the 80s.

I have spent decades learning how to be friends with my immune system. After a recent discovery of a ruptured breast implant, and pouring through massive amounts of information on breast implants, I knew I was going to be up for more challenge with replacing them. I’ve been on top of my game for more than 40 years with researching what is at the base of health, such as diet, nutrition, and supplementation. But what I also learned over these many years was, few doctors, and fewer plastic surgeons understood that.

I think I spent at least six months reviewing Dr. Ong’s site and related reviews, because it was hard for me to believe she had all the ingredients I was looking for. I’m one of those annoying people you see blocking the grocery store isle while reading product labels. I’ve actually never run across anyone else in this field of plastic surgery that measures up to her.

I thought I hit the jackpot, so I decided if I felt comfortable after my consultation with Dr. Ong, I would also reward myself with a labiaplasty (something I have always wanted). As I suspected, if she really knew as much as what I was reading about her, she would be hesitant to take me on, and at first it seemed she was. After she got comfortable with understanding the way I manage my health, and scheduling all the necessary tests to detect the risks involved, we moved forward.

I had both surgeries, 10 months apart from each other, and with far less stress to my body than I expected. I didn’t even take antibiotics for the labiaplasty, because she had the right treatments through their Functional Medicine and Cellular Health programs to help me steer clear, and I healed so fast I was amazed. Honestly, both surgeries way exceeded my expectations with results and both were life changing for me.

I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Ong, and her staff. The Ong Institute works with precision in everything from patient education to scheduling and aftercare…and Dr Ong, is nothing less than perfection in every aspect of what she does. I’m forever grateful, and often wonder when I look at myself in the mirror if she realizes the forever-positive impact she is making for her patients. She certainly has for me!
– V AndreaT-

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